Having spent a decade in the music industry since he was a teen, Josh built a note-worthy track record that displays hard work, dedication, creativity, perseverance, and ingenuity. His work as a national touring & recording artist has provided him with countless wonderful international fans and a perspective on human interaction unlike most can imagine. During his time as a resident of Nashville, Josh worked closely with Teddy Gentry of the legendary country-music group Alabama and was personally responsible for the outcome of many commercially released projects in areas of production, creative development, coordination, and budgeting. While in Nashville, he also assisted with general operations at the world-famous Sound Kitchen Recording Studios. Some of Josh’s other creative work has included: songwriting for film, a role in a popular off-Broadway production, photography, and web design.

In late summer of 2013, Josh decided to turn his passion for knowledge into a promising career in physics by embarking on an educational journey toward a PhD. Not having been a registered student for ten years, he taught himself Algebra, Pre-Calculus, basic Physics, and general Chemistry in merely 12 weeks; and registered as a full-time student for spring of 2014. At the end of his first semester back in the classroom, Josh had maintained a 4.0 GPA and earned over a 100% average in each of the five courses. While embarking on an exciting path built upon physics, chemistry, astronomy, engineering, and mathematics, he has also created a successful educational web series entitled Hollie’s Law. This project and many in-the-works are part of Josh’s efforts to market the sciences to the public. One of his aspirations is to be part of a driving force that encourages others to understand the importance of science as well as its beauty via innovative methods that include social media, web and television programming, journals, and special events. Josh can presently be found playing the roles of undergraduate student and researching scientist at University of Nevada Las Vegas. He is also currently working on his first non-fiction book and investigating the development of clean energy projects.


“You must sometimes let go of who you were in order to become who you are.”